Globalization Partners Review and EOR

Globalization Partners is a leading Global Employer of Record (EOR) that enables companies to hire talent in 180+ countries without having to set up local entities. and expanding globally presents an exciting opportunity for companies to access top talent worldwide. However, the administrative obstacles of hiring internationally can be complex, risky and downright frustrating. From establishing foreign legal entities to handling global payroll and taxes, there’s no shortage of barriers blocking your global growth path.

Enter Globalization Partners – the leading global employer of record (EOR) simplifying global expansion. As an EOR, Globalization Partners enables you to compliantly hire staff in 180+ countries without having to set up subsidiaries abroad. They take on employer compliance and HR responsibilities on your behalf, serving as the legal employer for international teams.

In this in-depth review of Globalization Partners’ platform, services and more, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this trailblazing industry leader. You’ll discover how Globalization Partners’ unified SaaS platform, expansive entity network and 24/7 localized support provides unmatched capabilities for global hiring and payroll. Here we’ll provide an in-depth review of Globalization Partners, explain what an EOR is, who its competitors are, and more.

Globalization Partners Review
Globalization Partners review | What is global employer of record

What Is Globalization Partners?

Founded in 2012, Globalization Partners is a SaaS platform that acts as an employer of record, taking on the legal responsibilities and liabilities for international teams. This allows companies to hire, pay, and manage employees and contractors abroad without having to establish their own legal entities.

As an EOR, Globalization Partners handles tasks like payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance, and more on a company’s behalf across 180+ countries. This enables businesses to scale and expand globally in a quick and compliant manner.

What Does Globalization Partners Do?

As an employer of record (EOR), Globalization Partners handles a wide range of critical HR tasks and compliance responsibilities for international teams. This includes new hire onboarding, payroll processing, tax payments, employment contracts, visas and work permits, compensation and benefits administration, time tracking, and terminations. 

Essentially, they act as the legal employer abroad so client companies don’t have to establish their own foreign subsidiaries. Globalization Partners has local entities across 180+ countries that legally employ international staff on a business’s behalf. This allows organizations to benefit from an expanded global talent pool without taking on the entity formation, tax, and HR obligations themselves.

With Globalization Partners as your EOR, your overseas hiring, payroll, and HR management needs are covered through their unified SaaS platform and supportive in-house team. You gain access to top global talent faster while they handle all the complex legal and compliance administration behind the scenes.

How Globalization Partners Different From Others

Unlike some employer of record services, Globalization Partners wholly owns and operates its own local legal entities globally. This results in better protection of a client company’s intellectual property and ability to expand quicker than rivals dependent on third-party partnerships.

Globalization Partners also has wider country coverage – available in 187 countries compared to competitors with more limited international footprints. Their platform is very user-friendly with helpful employee self-service portals as well.

Additionally, they have more physical offices globally, with over 70 international hubs placing them closer to talent pools and enabling localized HR support. When it comes to pricing, Globalization Partners is competitively priced with custom quotes based on team size, location, salary levels and more. Exact pricing plans aren’t publicly listed but their services are affordable, especially with dedicated account management.

With in-house entities, unmatched global presence, and great UX, Globalization Partners differentiates itself as a leading EOR for everything from streamlined hiring to consolidated international payroll.

Global Payments Partners Of Globalization Partners

To distribute payroll and payouts across the world, Globalization Partners strategically partners with leading global payment services:

  • Wise (formerly TransferWise) – The fastest, lowest-cost way to send money abroad. Wise enables fast international payroll delivery in over 120 currencies.
  • Payoneer – Allows payouts via local bank transfers, prepaid debit cards, mobile wallets, and more.
  • Tipalti – Automates global mass payments to over 200 countries. Specializes in global contractor payments.
  • CloudPay – Cloud-based global payroll solution perfect for high payment volumes.

Through integrations with these innovative global payments leaders, Globalization Partners can quickly and compliantly pay international employees and contractors located anywhere in the world. 

Workers gain flexible payout options in their local currencies while companies benefit from streamlined payroll distribution and reconciliation. With outstanding global payment partners supporting them, Globalization Partners delivers a seamless payroll experience no matter where talent is based globally.

Globalization Partners Competitors

While Globalization Partners is a leading global employer of record, they do face competition from rivals in the EOR space seeking to expand globally compliant hiring.

Some of their top competitors include:

  • Papaya Global – Offers unique budget analysis tools and great payroll accuracy.
  • Remote – Boasts possibly superior intellectual property protections.
  • Shield GEO – Focuses heavily on compliance.
  • Deel – Fast-growing EOR with strong payroll abilities.
  • Velocity Global – Comprehensive global contractor management.

These EOR alternatives have particular standout strengths. However, Globalization Partners still remains an industry leader when it comes to their end-to-end unified platform, speed of global expansion, localized in-house HR support teams, and ability to pay in over 120 currencies.

While competitors may outshine them in certain niches, Globalization Partners continues leading the way in core employer of record capabilities – from streamlined onboarding to consolidated payroll and tax services across a globe-leading 187 countries.

List Of Globalization Partners Headquarters

Globalization Partners is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts but has an expansive presence across over 70 office locations globally. This vast network allows them to provide localized support and be closer to talent pools across regions.

Some of their largest international office hubs include:

  • London, UK
  • Pune, India  
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Shanghai, China 
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Sydney, Australia

With major operational centers across Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, Globalization Partners has strategic footholds in all key global regions. 

Being headquartered stateside in Boston, home to many other tech innovators and startups, also allows Globalization Partners to be at the epicenter of cutting-edge advancements they can incorporate across their global operations and platforms.

With their leading hometown presence and global satellite offices, Globalization Partners is positioned both domestically and internationally to provide stellar worldwide employer of record services.

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Related FAQs Of Globalization Partners

What Is Globalization Partners EOR?

Globalization Partners EOR refers to their employer of record model. As an EOR, they handle all employer responsibilities and compliance for international teams so companies can expand globally without subsidiaries.

Who Is Globalization Partners CEO?

The CEO and Founder of Globalization Partners is Nicole Sahin. She founded the company in 2012 after having difficulty expanding her own business overseas due to entity establishment barriers.

What Is Globalization Partners PEO?

Globalization Partners is not a PEO (professional employer organization). They are specifically an EOR dedicated for international expansion and hiring abroad. A true PEO handles domestic HR administration.

What Is Globalization Partners Valuation?

Currently, Globalization Partners has a valuation of over $4.2 billion making it one of the most highly valued EORs in the market. They raised $200 million in 2021.

What Is Globalization Partners Pricing?

Since pricing is custom-based on each client’s needs, Globalization Partners doesn’t publicly post pricing plans or packages. Their services are competitively priced but quotes require contacting the sales team.

Globalization Partners Jobs

Globalization Partners itself is currently hiring for roles across departments such as engineering, product, sales, support, marketing, finance and more. Open positions can be found on their careers page or LinkedIn.


Globalization Partners is one of the leading and fastest-growing employers of record today. Their end-to-end SaaS platform, localized support, and extensive entity network makes expanding overseas and compliantly managing international employees smoother.

While custom pricing isn’t very transparent upfront, they enable companies to tap into global talent quicker than nearly any competitor in the market.

So for rapidly growing businesses aiming to go global, Globalization Partners is an EOR worth considering if you want to build globally distributed teams without all the HR legwork.

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